Strike Magazine Boca, the #1 student publication in the nation, is known for its coverage of culture and fashion in today's world. In Issue 07 "On Hiatus". Written by Morgan Harms "Its Time To Cancel Hustle Culture" mentions how people in todays society are over working to provide for their loved ones and due to this there is a rise in mental health issues in individuals. Us young adults now in Gen Z have to deal with a recession and its taking a tole on us.
I created the art and layout for these pages of the magazine. The title page graphic is a masterpiece designed to seize your attention, artfully portrays the prevailing stereotype that we are all ensnared in the ceaseless pursuit of work. This bold visual statement serves as a wake-up call, challenging us to question whether our lives are destined to revolve solely around work. The subsequent pages have been meticulously crafted to mimic the appearance of a professional mundane black and white document—one that is often associated with the monotonous routine of the workplace. This deliberate design choice aims to evoke a familiar feeling, one that many of us can relate to.
Title Page
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